Moon Elf Watch

Moon Elf Watch


Moon elves are themselves very fond of art and have both a strong bardic tradition and a history of painting and sculpting.

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Elven watches are such a special and extraordinary design…
These watches are designed to emphesis on grace and slenderness of elven traditional art. They are derived of sub-elf races; Moon, Sun, Wood and Dark Elves. Each watch shows the main symbols, emblems, texture and color of these sub-races.

Elven watches also has elvish numerals instead of human arabic numerals.

Besides from regular water-resistant, battery watch specialities; Elven watches are limited edition art watches. Each watch is limited to 250 pieces.
Once all sold out, they will not be produced again.
The watch has a unique elven style. The big case of the watches give opportunity to see the artwork and the design. Also narrow suede bands provides a graceful and feminine looks.
The inside image specially designed with the motifs for each sub-elven-race and colored with watercolor by mainili .
The watch comes with its’ special elven pouch.
The case and the metal parts of the watch is antique plated. They are lead and nickel free; so they are non-alergic.
There is no logo inside the dial, the brand logo “mainili” is hidden behind the product.

The moon elves are also known as silver elves. They typically have fair skin and hair that runs in hues from silver-white to black or blue. Eye color can be ranging from blue to green.

Generally, moon elves take things with little gravity, taking joy in the simple things of life, a trend which their music and art reflect, which are more often joyous than solemn. Moon elves are themselves very fond of art and have both a strong bardic tradition and a history of painting and sculpting.

Moon elves prefer clothing of simple design but exquisite making, using among the finest textile and most beautiful weaving designs available but typically making simple cuts and measurements, finding showy flourishes unnecessary.

Moon elven clothing is often flashy in other ways, however, with bright colors popular amongst moon elves who feel comfortably at rest and away from danger. Most moon elves wear their hair in braids or ponytails, decorated with wires or beads.

Moon elves are fond of keeping pets, in particular such animals as cats, dogs, falcons, or other hunting partners.

It is not uncommon for a moon elf to take on the life of an adventurer. After all, moon elves are innately a race driven by wanderlust and the desire to learn or do good.

Altogether, moon elves are individualistic and most believe sincerely that each person can make a difference in the world, for better or worse. Because moon elves have an innate sense of altruism and good will to others, most moon elven adventurers are heroes, rather than villains.

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