Wood Elf Watch

Wood Elf Watch


Wood elves see themselves as guardians of the forest homes.

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Elven watches are such a special and extraordinary design…
These watches are designed to emphesis on grace and slenderness of elven traditional art. They are derived of sub-elf races; Moon, Sun, Wood and Dark Elves. Each watch shows the main symbols, emblems, texture and color of these sub-races.

Elven watches also has elvish numerals instead of human arabic numerals.

Besides from regular water-resistant, battery watch specialities; Elven watches are limited edition art watches. Each watch is limited to 250 pieces.
Once all sold out, they will not be produced again.
The watch has a unique elven style. The big case of the watches give opportunity to see the artwork and the design. Also narrow suede bands provides a graceful and feminine looks.
The inside image specially designed with the motifs for each sub-elven-race and colored with watercolor by mainili .
The watch comes with its’ special elven pouch.
The case and the metal parts of the watch is antique plated. They are lead and nickel free; so they are non-alergic.
There is no logo inside the dial, the brand logo “mainili” is hidden behind the product.

Wood elves, also known as copper elves. Wood elves see themselves as guardians of the forest homes.

They place more emphasis on strength than learning. Wood elves are considered by other elven subraces to be boisterous and hedonistic. They have a zest for life and pleasure.

Agile, friendly, intuitive, joyful, perceptive, quick, tempestuous, will…

They have the same range of complexions as humans, tending more toward tan or brown hues. A typical elf’s hair color is dark brown, autumn orange, mossy green, or deep gold.

Wood elves tend to dress in simple clothes but with fewer bold colors and a greater number of earth tones that blend into their natural surroundings. Accustomed to a harsh, naturalistic lifestyle, wood elves love to wear leather, even when they are not under immediate threat.

Wood elves commonly feel that they are in harmony with their natural surroundings and an examination of their art helps to justify this belief. Wood elves do their best to make a minimal impact on their natural surroundings, a fact reflected in their architecture. Frequently, wood elven homes are made of natural fieldstone or carefully furnished wood but on occasion wood elves have been known to do without even these creature comforts, living in the limbs of mighty trees or sheltered caves.

As a people wood elves are largely seen as calm and level-headed. Arousing strong emotions in wood elves is not something that is easily done, although many do have a strong aversion for large cities, having lost the passion for urbanization. To wood elves, the trappings of civilization, including the mightiest of fortresses or tallest walls, are transient and impermanent things that will eventually be overcome by the long processes of nature.

To many, this attitude seems condescending, weakening the bonds between wood elves and other races.
Wood elves do not, however, commonly keep pets, but instead form bonds with local wildlife in a manner similar to that of a ranger.

Wood elves are particularly fond of mountain lions, pumas, and leopards.
Wood elven adventurers are drawn to the path of the fighter, the ranger, or the rogue, relying on their natural-born skill to overcome obstacles. Wood elves are largely at ease with the ways of the primal magic used by druids, barbarians, shamans, and wardens, which they feel is the truest expression of supernatural power – or rather, a reflection of nature itself, used to protect the wilderness.

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